Red Phase:

Red Phase is your first weekend at RSP. During these intense few days, you’ll learn basic soldiering skills and principles such as the Army Values, Army Structure, Ranks, Saluting, Formations, Marching, Facing Movements, Common Customs and Courtesies and your Physical Fitness Assessment.

White Phase:

During White Phase, you’ll learn more about the Guard and what you’ll need to know in order to succeed at Basic Combat Training. Many topics are covered to include: Land Navigation, Basic Rifle Skills, and Combat Life Saver Skills (CLS).

Blue Phase:

Blue Phase is your final drill prior to shipping to Basic Combat Training. During this weekend, you’ll learn all you need to know prior to leaving for Basic Combat Training!

Green Phase:

Green Phase is for Soldiers who have completed Basic Combat Training and for recruits in the Split Training Option Program. These recruits attend RSP until they ship to their Advanced Individual Training (AIT). 

Gold Phase:

Gold Phase is a soldier’s first drill after successful completion of AIT. This is the soldiers final weekend at RSP. Gold Phase teaches Soldiers what to expect at their unit of assignment and are given all necessary information for their transition into their unit of assignment. Soldier For Life Transition Assistance Program provides classes in finance planning, education benefits, and family programs to assist in your civilian life.   



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